Cooking Quinoa

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Last year, after my celiac diagnosis, I kept hearing people talk about the “mother grain” the Incas used called keenwah. I looked everywhere at stores until a kind young man at the farmers market offered a sample me of a keenwah salad. Finally, I had found it! I said, “Ok I HAVE to buy some!” He handed me the bag and much to my surprise it was labeled “Quinoa”. Wait a minute, I had seen THIS grain at stores . . . my face flushed as I realized I had “heard” it pronounced and didn’t look up how it was spelled. “Is that how you spell keenwah?” I asked the grinning young man. After confirming it was, I sheepishly purchased my first bag of Quinoa!

I have today off, thanks to our country’s amazing veterans, and I decided to try my hand at cooking some for breakfast. I had heard it was just like cooking rice, but always the researcher, I found the video below! The only alterations I made were more water and more time due to my mile high elevation. I used sprouted red quinoa and it was a beautiful amber color. I added a little brown sugar and topped with blueberries, YUM!! My husband still has the camera from his hunting trip, so I had to “borrow” a few photos! This photo below is exactly what mine looked like cooked. I purchased it from Altan Alma Farm.

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

This video below is courtesy of 365Quinoa.

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One Response to Cooking Quinoa

  1. Julie says:

    I like boiling Quinoa in chicken broth and then adding nuts and dried fruit. 🙂

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