Cherrybrook Kitchen GF Sugar Cookies

Right before Christmas my favorite little bakers joined me again in the kitchen for some classic sugar cookies!

Cooking is just so much more fun with little helpers!

I was a little short on time so I pulled out a gluten-free sugar cookie mix I had been meaning to make from Cherrybrook Kitchen. This simple mix only requires milk, butter and vanilla. I am somewhat lactose intolerant (thanks to Celiac Disease) and so I usually use Lactaid milk instead of regular milk and luckily butter only has trace amounts of lactose and I can tolerate it just fine.

Rachel was pretty excited when I told her we would get to use the kitchen aid mixer!

The dough turned out pretty sticky so I pulled my all-purpose-gluten-free flour mix (super fine brown rice, white rice, tapioca starch and potato starch) out of my freezer and generously coated the counter before we rolled. Rachel found dunking the cutter in the flour in between each cookie cut helped to prevent sticking.

I just love the excitement that kids experience in the kitchen. And I love that when we realized I didn’t have any real Christmas cookie cutters, the girls brainstormed and decided that we could use biscuit cutters to make round Christmas ornaments and the other side of the cutter could make snow-flake shaped cookies. Kids are so creative.

The decorating was a riot especially since we set up at the kitchen table and Chief kept trying to snitch off the table when the girls weren’t looking. Keeping the cookies safe was a full-time job, so I didn’t get any photos until the cookies were done! The cookies tasted alright. I have to admit that these were the first gluten-free sugar cookies I have tried to date and so I am not sure what to compare them too. I’m sure I could make some homemade ones that tasted a little better, but with the time I had, these worked just fine. Oh, and the sprinkles were Safeway brand and customer service verified they are gluten-free.

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2 Responses to Cherrybrook Kitchen GF Sugar Cookies

  1. Kim says:

    Looks like a success! Your helpers are too cute!


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