Noa Noa Espresso & News

Yesterday morning, as my husband and I were driving through Golden, we stopped at a wonderful coffee shop called Noa Noa. Hidden behind a large popular Starbucks right off Highway 93 in Golden, Noa Noa was a true find.  Once I went in and scanned the shop for gluten-free friendly options, I was thrilled to see they use Monin syrups. Monin is the only syrup brand that I know of in which every flavor is gluten-free. I mentioned my appreciation for the gluten-free syrups and the barista, Faith, immediately told me about their gluten-free snacks including Boulder Canyon Chips and Breeze Bars. She said they are working on getting gluten-free baked goods to offer as well.  I could tell after my chat with Faith that she really understands what gluten is and grasps the seriousness of celiac disease and gluten intolerances. Noa Noa caters to other food intolerances as well and offers a variety of non-dairy milk options such as rice, soy and even almond milk, which is what I ordered in my latte.  The coffee itself was from a local (Boulder) roaster and was quite tasty, but I have to admit that my confidence in the staff’s awareness of gluten was the best part!

I encourage anyone that is headed to Golden, or is driving through to give Noa Noa a try. Trust me, the coffee is much better than a chain and the shop is gluten-free friendly!

If you go, Noa Noa Espresso & News is located at 109 North Rubey Drive Unit C, on the North side of Golden right off of Highway 93 and Washington Ave.

Images from Noanoaespresso on myspace
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